Top 10 Biggest Threats To Our Democracy

GOP is full of traiterous members who are contributing to the destruction of America



A picture of former President Donald Trump holding his fist up as he speaks to the crowd on January 6th.

The GOP is full of members who are actively trying to dismantle democracy as we know it. We now have voter restriction bills in place as a result of the Big Lie, women’s rights are in jeopardy with the leak of the Supreme Court Roe v Wade documents, and in Florida, Ron DeSantis is behind the “Don’t Say Gay Bill”, and a separate bill that endangers protesters for practicing their constitutional right to assemble.

This isn’t your parents GOP. It is now filled with lies, corruption, hatred, racism, etc. There are many to blame for the complete overhaul of this political party. We the people have to take some of the blame as well. After all, somebody has to vote for them to remain in power.

Anyways, here are the 10 members of the GOP who are currently the biggest threats to democracy:

1. Donald Trump

2. Ron DeSantis

3. Ted Cruz

4. Clarence Thomas

5. Rand Paul

6. Marjorie Taylor Greene

7. Greg Abbott

8. Mitch McConnell

9. Jim Jordan

10. Matt Gaetz

*Dishonorable mention

Josh Hawley

Lauren Boebert

Paul Gosar

Andy Biggs

Louie Gohmert

Marco Rubio

Tom Cotton




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